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EEO Training Includes:

  • EEO laws review and training
  • Training for all employees in general EEOC issues
  • Training in Sexual Harassment for all managers
  • Training in Age Discrimination for all managers
  • Training in Race Discrimination for all managers
  • Training in ADA for managers
  • Special state specific EEOC law review
  • Harassment in the work place training
  • How to prepare for termination review and proper documentation
  • Job Performance write up
  • eLearning

Are your managers and employees trained on the latest EEOC policies?

  1. Are you aware of recent court decisions regarding employers who have a written policy but fail to train their managers on the laws?
  2. Are your managers trained in what documentation must be completed to prepare for an employee separation?
  3. What are your policies in regard to ADA.
  4. Do you have a written policy for sexual harassment and if so what is your policy for reporting and counseling in your dealership?
  5. How does your policy for harassment provide for protection of the individual?
  6. Do you have a different training program for your managers and all other employees?
  7. Are you aware of the final pay laws in your state?
  8. Do you have a separation agreement to protect your dealership against future claims?
  9. Were you aware that individual managers separate from the dealership may be successfully issued in harassment cases?

According to Jury Verdict Research the average attorney fee for a harassment or discrimination suit, if settled before court is $95,000 and if it goes to trial over $250,000.

Even if your insurance were to pay this and any damages awarded, what would be the increase in your insurance premium?

The courts have upheld that “just having a policy and posters does not excuse a company from initial and follow up training and education of their employees”.

Automotive Compliance Consultants can offer EEOC Certified Counselors to help educate your employees and managers on EEOC laws and policies.