F & I

Business Manager Compliance Training and Audit program includes:

  • Set up consistent standardized processes for the business office
  • Create Ethics Code
  • Inspect Menu pricing and processes
  • Inspect customer information gathering process and amend accordingly
  • Inspect OFAC compliance
  • Inspect Website activity and compliance
  • Quarterly spot check of deals for all proper disclosures
  • eLearning

Does Your Business Manager have sufficient knowledge in the intricate compliance arena to ward off potential law suits?

Are You comfortable with the last set of Eyes you have reviewing your paperwork?

  1. Are you aware that one of the most regulated areas in a dealership is service contracts?
  2. Does your business manager understand the entire function of a menu?
  3. Is OFAC being run on every customer?
  4. Is someone inspecting the deal jackets to make sure that the established processes are being followed to the letter?
  5. Have you established a code of ethics and had all applicable personnel sign off on it?
  6. Are you complying with the new FACTA rules and the adverse action issues?
  7. Are you aware that more fines are levied and more dealership personnel are imprisoned because of sloppy non-compliant processes in the Business Office?
  8. Are you aware that consistent standardized processes are proven to be more profitable and produce far fewer issues?